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Collective Action

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This Saturday, STREETS DEPT hosted a silent auction to raise money for local and national social justice organizations. Over one hundred Philadelphia area artists donated their work in an effort to help raise twenty thousand dollars, a goal which was reached within the first three hours of the event. We were lucky enough to win an embroidered sweatshirt by Ashley Catharine Smith, now on display in our store.

Anatomy of the Nasty Woman, by Ashley Catharine Smith.

Miss Demeanor sources most of its goods from independently (female) owned businesses, and sells most of those goods to other women. For this and many other reasons, we will not stand for the normalization of speech or practices that demean anyone. We plan to do our part to continue to seek out initiatives that support the integrity and rights of those in our community and beyond. We welcome your feedback regarding products, brands, and events that you feel will help us in this effort. (Please send any ideas to hello@missdemeanor.com or use the contact section of our website.)

We are lucky to live in a city that brings opportunities to get involved right to our doorstep. Check out STREETS DEPT for details on further events, including #SignsofSolidarity, which will display messages of love across the cities of Philadelphia and Atlanta this Friday, January 20th, 2017. 


The Fabric of Our Neighborhood

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It is no secret that the internet has changed the way we buy things. This article in the New Yorker is a refreshing and comforting take on the future of brick and mortar shops.  

We recognize that a small shop is no comparison to the internet in terms of convenience and variety, but often people shop for something other than a great deal. Over the years we have helped you find an outfit for your first date, for a job interview, for your daughter's first birthday. When your boyfriend comes in to find you the perfect gift, we know what you've had your eye on and can gently point him in the right direction. 

My mom and I work most of the hours in both of our stores, so our customers end up being like friends and coworkers. More than once, I have excitedly called to tell her the customer who has been walking by more and more pregnant just passed by for the first time pushing her new baby in a stroller. Our business is not just a click or an algorithm, and it is an honor to be part of the fabric that makes up a vibrant neighborhood. With the looming competition of the internet keeping us on our toes, we will continue to search for products that measure up to the integrity of our community and our customers. Thank you for noticing and for becoming such an important part of our lives.

Happy Holidays,

Kate and Julia

Just In- Make it Good

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Last spring we joined Make It Good in their movement towards sustainable, US manufactured and heirloom quality products. They illustrate, screen print, design, cut and sew their goods all in what they refer to as their micro-factory (a term which truly enchants me). 

As is our style, the pieces are both basic AND extraordinary and are meant to become lasting staples in your wardrobe.  The clothing is made under pleasant working conditions and the fabrics and inks are sourced with care and thought given to their environmental impact. 

Join us Saturday 10/15 from 6-9 to welcome their fall line to Miss Demeanor.

A Little About Us-

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A Little About Us —

Miss Demeanor was opened in Cape May, New Jersey by a mother daughter team in Spring of 2010. We loved shopping together but often had trouble finding things we both liked (or could afford!) in the same store. We set out to provide a place where mothers and daughters could shop together. 

Since then, we have set ourselves apart by being dedicated to providing transparently manufactured goods. We exclusively stock goods and clothing that are made either in the US or using fair or direct trade. We've become known for providing classic wardrobe staples at varying price points.

In 2015 we opened our second location and launched our first house made capsule collection. 


Kate and Julia